Miracles of Gold
by Terry Glad
GladHeart Ministries - Escondido, California

"With men it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God."
Mark 10:27

Gold dust began to fall in the room.  "Where did this come from?" might have been one of your first thoughts.  Then Joshua Mills noticed the gold was appearing all over his hands.  Someone commented they saw gold flecks on his face.  A strange wonderful phenomenon was manifesting that defied human reason or logic.  There were tiny golden flakes seemingly coming out of nowhere, as if falling from heaven!

This event actually is taking place now in our church.  I personally had not seen the appearance of gold since last year during the revival in El Cajon, California, where people's mouths and teeth were being filled with gold.  And here again the same thing.  This time, however, even more. 

More people began to get covered in the gold dust.  Our Bibles opened up to pages loaded with it.  One lady had an actual whole nugget of pure gold fall in her lap during a service.  Lest you are reading this in bewilderment or even scoffing such a thing cannot be, I personally attest to not only seeing it for real, but after one "spray" of the gold microparticles, I began noticing it all over me, my clothing, skin, my Bible, even my wallet!  It was like I was tracking gold wherever I walked.  I saw it on the ground, I saw it all over the chairs, I saw it in my car.  It was on my husband too! 

Miracles can happen when God disrupts His natural order to accomplish His purpose through SUPERNATURAL means.  God can and does override the way in which things normally operate by natural principles with supernatural principles.  And we recognize these things which defy natural laws to be miracles.

The first person I told of this miracle (who was a born-again Christian lady, by the way) immediately pronounced the occurrences as satanic.  But then wasn't Jesus Himself accused of wielding the power of satan when miracles were done in the presence of unbelievers?  Consider Joshua and Caleb who did not fear the giants in the promised land.  If we take our eyes off the circumstances and the impossibilites, and rather look upon God and the possibilities (and not have doubt in our hearts), we will see the miracle Joshua and Caleb saw when they had first glance at the promise of God lying right before them for the taking!  The doubting Christian lady said she felt the gold dust, even if it was real, could be sent by satan as a distraction.  But all the gold achieved was to magnify and heighten our focus on God and His Word!  So again, if it's true that this is a parlor trick of satan, then satan once again has shot himself in the foot!  When our hearts are filled with supernatural, God-inspired confidence, we speak.

In gaining insight into God's purpose through prayer, we then activate the purpose by speaking it forth.  I saw the gold.  I prayed when I beheld this wondrous thing happening in our midst.  And now I must speak of it.  There is one more important thing to do, lest satan come and immediately try to seize the seed of faith away.  We must forgive those who DON'T believe, or our unforgiveness will cloud our ability to understand God's purpose, and we will not see His miracle power in our lives.  Why gold dust?  Why not? 

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Golden glory dust appearing on the anointed hands of Joshua Mills.